Our house

About the house    
It was an excellent quality house, built in the end of the nineteenth century by José Alves Pereira, a lieutenant in the Portuguese army that participated in World War I representing his country. This house, that differed from all others in the village for being one of the most comfortable and worthy houses at the time and for having an inverted format roof, became known as the house of three beaks.
Returning form war, José Alves Pereira, a well-known musician and lover of fine arts, married but had no children. However he did have nine siblings and lots of nephews and nieces. He eventually became known as "LIEUTENENTE UNCLE".
With his death all of his fortune was legally divided between the many heirs, leaving the house abandoned and in worse shape year after year. Eventually one of the heiress bought out all others and transformed the house into a hotel giving it the name that it was once well known for, "LIEUTENET UNCLE'S HOUSE" (A CASA DO TIO TENENTE) in memorial to José Pereira, trying to preserve the memory of a distinct and loved person that once lived in that village. The house was restored in order to maintain its essence and insert it in the villages of Xisto da Beira Baixa. The entire exterior is shale rock while the interior (floor, walls and roof) is pine wood, turning it into a very comfortable and unique place in the region.